Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday 28th December

I think i'm depressed. I've been feeling low for a while now and am not sure what is causing it. the more i think about, the more ideas i get as too what is causing it. maybe it's a lack of social interaction, or a lack of accomplishment but something within me is missing. I am very conscious about apperance and it doesn't help when people point it out.

Last night's dinner party was shit. I stayed upstairs for the duration of the night, just to avoid speaking to the fake people. i ingested two sleeping pills to help ease the night, but it didn't really help. I have never admitted this before, but i have a severe addiction to sleeping pills. I personally doubt that it's more of a physical addiction, but rather a mental one, it's something i need in my daily life, like a smoker needs nicotine or a fat kid needs ice cream.

I apologize for this blog entry being so short, i'm just not feeling in the right mood. i am de-motivated at the moment. I have always said to myself that i never want to be in the position where i feel self pitty. gonna head to gym tommorow, workout till i drop dead.

i feel sick in my head


  1. Im sure you will get back to banging out the post soon, now following!

  2. You're a good writer, keep this up.

    Things usually sort themselves out, just hang in there.

  3. ^^ thanks for the comment, it's nice to know there are still some psotitve aspects in my life.

  4. hey man!
    it may be just a phase, try to change your patterns, if you know what I mean
    be strong and good luck!

  5. I think if you're feeling shitty, especially about your body and such, then a work out could help but you in a better mood.

  6. a work out, or some vitamin c would work

  7. If you're feeling depressed, smoke something. 100% chance of happiness increase.

  8. This might become hard to update everyday. Just sayin.