Monday, 26 December 2011

26th December '11

So i realise not many, (if anyone), will actually read this, but yeah... so anyway, today was a day of nothing. woke up late after playing cards till 3am last night after my family dinner. mum made a killer breakfast then went to the hospital to see her uncle. I stayed in again today, wasting my christmas holidays, but then again who can i go out with? i have no friends (prefer it this way), and have nowhere to go to. i suppose the company of my brother's is good enough. the fewer connections i have now, the less amount of money i will have to pay out as loans when i am older.

So, i started playing xbox again today, more specifically MW3. good game, just enjoy the company of a good friend joshua, whom i have known from college for over a year now... he was the only one who came to my birthday night, although i didnt invite anyone else to be honest, and we still go kicked out the club because of innapropriate footwear. fuck london bouncers.

Mum told me earlier that she was hosting yet another party at our house, most annoying fucking thing ever!... she makes us clean a fair few bits and stresses out over the cooking. but it's okay... if there is one person who i cannot stay mad at, it my mum. she has helped me with everything and is respectful of my decision to leave Islam, and at times when i get angry and sometimes shout the arguments against religion, she still never shouts at me... always cool, calm and collected.

but yeah, so another day, and now tommorow noght another fucking dinner party, with a bunch of family members who would never hesitate to mock you, either privately or openly. yet another night where i feel like the outcast at a family gathering. I suppose i am at that age (20) that i cannot really talk to the elders cos they are over emotional and ignorant, and the kids, mostly my cousins, who are fucking annoying ass shit.

oh well, i hope if anyone decides to read this shit excuse for a blog, then i'll post tommorow with some shit about shit that went down on the night.



  1. So much anger... But I feel ya :/

    Seems like London is quite the interesting place though with the club rules... Either that or it was just too high end of a club lol.

  2. yeah club was strict, i dont like clubbing though, nobody to go with