Tuesday, 27 December 2011

feel like moving away

yeah, so im in the middle of the this dinner party, but when i say im in the middle of it, Im upstairs while my cousins are fighting downstairs and everyone else is in the main tv room/lounge area pretending to like eachother.

I've been thinking whether or not it is me with the negative attitude towards everything in life, and as a matter of fact, maybe i slightly do, (NOTE: im not going to deny it, even though I hardly believe it myself), but when i am in a great big house with people who feel they need to shout to communicate, where arguments, rivalries, disobedience amongst the children is the norm, I am hardly the one with any problems.

Music is my escape from all this. it evokes feelings within that i didnt know i had. I cry listening to lyrics which have a certain capability to change the way i think and act. other than thinking that the majority of the music produced in the 21st century is horse shit, there are those very few artists who can I can actually call musicians. The 60's, 70's and 90'provided great artists without any of this auto-tune bullshit or enhanced vocals. the rolling stones and Nirvana play a huge part in my life. as does the internet. this is why this blog is so important to me, it's an absolute vent for me, somewhere i can express my feelings and not just bottle them up.

Maybe im just trying to find an excuse not to go downstairs and write this blog instead, but it's an addicting feeling. knowing that atleast someone is reading this, that this blog, this writing will most likely "live" longer than i do. it's an footprint in the world which our ancestors never got the chance to do so. I guess i have the same feeling as everyone else has or had... the feeling, the lust to be remembered by more than just your family. to not be just a vague distant memory in the years after i have passed away.

I feel liberated writing this, I feel more free than i have done recently, it has opened my mind, made me realize that atleast someone reading cares, Even if it is just one other person, it's someone.

Until later,



  1. not only me, but lots of people feel this way... keep the good posts, they're good for getting things of your chest and sharing experiences too! greetings man

  2. Truth and truth... This is why I made a life blog along with my other one. I agree with you on the first few paragraphs... I have such a distant family. I might as well be alone. I've read your last couple blogs though, I find myself agreeing with you most of the time.

  3. Blogging can be almost therapeutic. Getting these things off your chest is going to be better in the long run. Im glad I found your blog.

  4. thanks for your comments guys, its really appreciated and im suprised im getting good feedback from my posts.