Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What the fuck is a normal person?

I have always wondered what the fuck a "normal " person is. Is it someone who lives by a pre-ordained, dull version of the life expected of one to follow, i.e; grow up; go to college; get a job; get married; buy a home; have 2.5 kids; and then wait for your kids to do the same until you retire and die slowly. NO. if this is normal, then fuck it. I'm certainly not normal by these standards, and although im at university, i'm only going to do what feels right for me. If i dont want to get married and have kids before the age of 30, fuck it... I wont. Does that make me abnormal?, no.

I think the problem starts when we are kids. We watch our parents and, in most cases, find them as role models. we wont to grow up to be like them. Personally speaking, i think the idea of HAVING to go to university has a negative impact on a childs mentallity. It certainly did for me, I am in college and regret the fuck out of being here... but the problem is, that I have been forced to think since i was a child, that having a degree is one of the most valuable assets in one's life and so i will finsih my final year and say a big FUCK you to the education system. Are we not stopping kids from being free to experiment, be TRUE leaders and develop their own business's? If i had my way i would hae gone into property development, and started by working in a real estate agency, but no, instead (dare i say i was forced), to go into university to study something i do not have much interest in and which will leave me  in a shit load of debt. (im studying mechanical engineering for 5 years). some, if not all, of you reading this will not agree with me and i respect that, i think i am speaking from my prespective, it was just the way i brought up, Im sure your story and or opinions are different.

fuck normal people (whatever normal means)



  1. I feel that a "Normal" person is someone who doesn't go out of their way to attract a ton of attention. I sound a bit closed minded but that is just how I feel. The goths,vamps,modders and whatever else you can do to look/be more different than others. I know most people look at it as a form of expression and art but its more abnormal than Normal. I hope I didnt ramble to much and my comment made some sense lol and hopefully I didn't offend anyone.

  2. i feel as if 'normal' people are ones who follow those 'un-normal' people

  3. heskew and durpalax, i couldn't have said it better myself

  4. great blog concept

    and yeah, "normal" people have always been rather dull compared to the weirdos... I prefer the company of the latter.

  5. Very good, thought invoking article. I agree with you completely on it. In school, I was always one of the smartest kids; however, I never did/do want to go to college. Here in America though, jobs in general pay higher with a degree, so I don't have much of a choice. I also never plan on getting married or having kids, and that makes me not normal apparently. So I am inclined to agree, fuck normal people.

  6. Nice blog!

  7. I don't like being "normal" or being considered as such... I totally agree with you though.

  8. 100% agreed, specially with the College degree part.

  9. normal people scare me
    (and often have terrible, terrible taste in everything)