Sunday, 25 December 2011


As this is primarily for my kids and family to read, after i have assuringly become old, I will try not to swear, but you need to realise that i couldn't give a shit about the offensiveness of words.  I have long wanted to change my legal name, this is because, I left Islam and do not want to be associated with that name, Unless of course i move to Dubai, which i may do after graduation, (but thats for another post).

So today is christmas 2011, and i brought my little brother a nintendo wii console, gave my mum an expensive gift voucher, my brother money and my father, nothing.

We are going to nano's house tonight for dinner, i hope there is something i can eat since i am, (and have been for around 3 months now), a Pescatarian (a person who does not eat land mammals, i.e. chicken, beef etc, but i do eat Fish and eggs and drink milk).

So yeah, I have this mentality which makes me the outcast at family gatherings. I have a mutual dislike towards my greater family, (mum and 2 brothers are fine, dad not so much), but i am referring to the greater family, (aunts, uncles and cousins, of which i happen to be the eldest cousin and grandson). I have this feeling where i cannot look at somebody else without comparing myself to them. i feel superior to everyone in both intelligence and dialogue, even if my written spelling is not perfect as you will surely find out.

Nirvana, the band, are my favourite musicians and their lyrics make me look past people's fake attitudes. I know everyone talks about me and compare me to others. Fuck them. I hate them. they pretend to be friendly but will not hesitate to talk behind your back making fun of your appearance or personality. the worst are the one's who feel they are superior and perfect, note that i am not contradicting myself from an earlier passage, because although i feel an air of superiority over others, i NEVER speak behind people's back's and always confront others who do so... Also FUCK being perfect.

I will gradually let this blog become my best friend, my online diary, my escape from everyhting fake and bullshit. I'm already loving this.


  1. I tend to be the black sheep at family gatherings also. I also lovee nirvana!!!

  2. I'll be sure to check back with this blog in 10 years. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry late christmas... What's with the HUGE GLOBE LOL!

  4. haha i changed it now... it was the only pic i had on my new laptop at the time