Tuesday, 27 December 2011

im hating my life

for my future self; the reason you were feeling like that is because you felt useless... did nothing for like 2 days straight, still haven't been to the gym or done anyhting productive. CHANGE

anyway for tonight's dinner party, cant be bothered. couldn't care less...just going to have take a shower and try and put on a fucking fake smile so people think that im at least trying. if it wasn't for my mum, i probably wouldn't be in contact with anyone of them.

hopefully tommorow will be a good day.

ill post after the evening is done then. best of luck to myself i guess


  1. Sorry to read that about you. I really do hope you feel better. Usually when life gets me down I watch a lot of comedies or find a new project to keep my mind busy.

  2. I hear ya, this is how I been feeling for nearly a year now. I used to just have a smoke and go for a drive, doesn't really work that much anymore. Have a few drinks fails as well. I just kind of the deal with the pain now. It really does suck...

    Hang in there.