Sunday, 15 January 2012

new laptop or ipad 3?

hello everybody 

sorry i havent been posting lately, ive been so buried in work and busy wit other random shit. I want to post here everyday, but sometimes can't which sucks.

anyway i am looking for either a new laptop or an ipad 3, the thing is, i have always wanted an ipad, but im not sure whether or not it would be useful with my everyday university work/ broswing. the reason i want a new one is because my current laptop is only a year old but the keyboard sucks and thats why alot of my spelling here is not my fault, rather the fault of my laptop. 

I noticed some manufacturers were launching ultra books, and i think im edging towards those. if you guys have any suggestions i would really appreciate some feedabck. 



  1. I'd say go for an ultrabook instead, tablets isn't really there yet.

  2. thnaks, i think ill be going for one, but they seem expensive at them moment

  3. I agree with the ultrabook suggestion

  4. yeah, im lookign at some samsung one... looks sexy as hell

  5. Agreed. Tablets are great when you're on the train or for reading books/comics (ereaders are better when you only read books) but not as a full replacement for a laptop.

  6. ipad only if you have too much money ;) +following