Monday, 16 January 2012

Cop caught beating an old disabled man

There's the link to the video... to be honest i wouldn't recommend watching it as it is fairly disturbing. the elderly man, 66, has dementia and the cop is just abusing and wrestling the guy. another cop then turns up and uses a taser on the elderly mans face.

I don't want to sound to jusdgemental, but the only punishment that the officer got was for turning off the audio on his recorder. he will face no punishment in regards to the sensless beating of the man, and that is just beyond fucked up. now im not trying to blame the american judicial system but if that was to happen here in the UK, that cop would firstly be arrested, tried, stripped of the job, found GUILTY and then be sentenced to prison for a while.

The only reason i am bringing up the UK to US connection is because i have seen plenty of videos of cops in the US, abusing their powers and then not being charged for it.


  1. interesting stuff! now following.

  2. I'm following you now too, but only because of the picture of the enormous cat on your profile picture. I have high hopes for a blog associated with a cat that cool :-)

  3. i hate when stuff like this happens