Wednesday, 4 January 2012

blah blah blah


so i know this blog was meant to be for me to write to everyday, but i haven't had the time to do any blogging since 2011. anyway, just a quick update, im really happy cos i found out that my uni lectures start on the 30th of Jan not the 3rd (which i unfortunately found out yesterday, after getting there).

I don't think i have mentioned this yet on this blog, but i am a HUGE  performance car enthusiast. Literally 95%+ of everything i read or watch has to do with exoctic/ performance and track cars. since i live in London, i will be going to the Autosport international motershow in the NEC arena, Birmingham. I will have the chance to see alot of great cars and also F1 cars and drivers will be there so hopefully i will get an autograph opportunity.

anyway, when i have taken the photo's and hopefully somne videos, i will post them up here so everyone can see. Till then, take care everybody


  1. Same here, looking forward to it. And I'm incredibly jealous of you for living in London, it seems to be swarming with exotics there.

  2. should be good when it comes

  3. That should be neat! I myself love ferrari's :D Used to own a Porsche (1988 924S. Can be bought for a couple thousand USD in decent condition). Ended up selling it because it was a money pit. Parts had to be imported constantly, and those things aren't cheap. Couple that with the fact that it was always having something go wrong = not good!

  4. Everyone loves cars! Like reading your posts, keep it up!

  5. I agree this is very blah. Smart man. Looking forward to it though.