Monday, 5 March 2012

Water Fast: Day 1


so this post was meant to be published yesterday, but i had no access to the internet, so today, (day 2), i will be posting about day 1.

Day 1:
One word to describe day 1, Easy. Starting weight: 170lbs.
As it was sunday, i decided to have a rest day and spent little time outside of my bed. I heard that the first three days are usually the hardest, but i found it very easy (thankfully). I consumed about 6x 500ml bottles of water, and felt fine, then i showered and immeadiately felt so much better.

So far  so good then, from tommorow, i will start consuming a special type of honey, called manuka. I have read on several sites now, that manuka has a very positive effect on the body aswell as the skin.

Since today is day 2, i will be posting near the end of the day and give an update on my status.


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